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Career development has been a key factor in the career decision making process for many people in the developed countries for decades. In the MENA region & Africa, however, it became more and more clearer that we need to implement this process in our lives. Governments have also looked at the huge potential benefits from Career Development. Saudi Arabia has a mandate as a part of Vision 2030. Egypt has been leading & making progress in the field running programs since 2007. Qatar sponsors local career development programs to nurture its youth. These are but few examples of how governments are now taking Career Development seriously. The Arab Career Development Conference is taking Career development to the next level, by officially bringing together the pioneers in the field and tackling various topics related to the science, implementation, and practices of Career development and how it can make the recovery after Covid19 smoother and faster at both the local community and national levels.
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The first of its kind in the Middle East, Arab world, & Africa; ‘The Annual Arab Career Development Conference 2023’ is coming LIVE in-person. A virtual platform will also be available. It is time to start a new era for Middle East, Arab World, & Africa; manifesting such science in its best form and placing people on their best possible paths. Career Exhibits, advisors & professionals and Employers will be present to liaise and impact conference participants. Self-discovery and being able to learn about industries and Career Paths is only the beginning. This first-ever event is also designed to help match job seekers with potential employers through networking & conversation. Various objectives on the conference list include General sessions, educational workshops, and leadership development training.

Gain knowledge from live sessions

Meet like-minded delegates and build connections through networking activities

Be informed and inspired by diverse, world class keynotes and presenters

Engage with organizations that offer programs, products and services to enhance career development work

Integration is always the key“, The Annual Arab Career Development Conference is shaped to bring a variety of people, entities, and sectors together for a complete process of how people can explore, develop, & function to achieve the best performance & productivity.