JCTC/JCDC Training By Dr. Rich Feller

JCTC/JCDC Training By Dr. Rich Feller




Workshop Content

While these workshops include an overview of the changing nature of work, jobs and careers as well as job search techniques, the centrals aspect of the three-day program is the structured Knowdell Career
Transition Process that has proven successful in assisting adults in moving from one job or career to another.

This process is made up of the following elements:

Knowdell 4-Step Transition Process

  • Assessment – Who am I?
  • Exploration – What options do I have?
  • Focus – Which option is best for me?
  • Strategy/Implementation – How will I get there?

Knowdell Assessment Instruments

  • Career Values Card Sort
  • Motivated Skills Card Sort
  • Occupational Interest Card Sort

Knowdell 5 Coaching Roles

  • Assessor
  • Information Provider
  • Referral Agent
  • Guide
  • Tutor

Knowdell 5 Key Coaching Questions

  • WHAT is the specific goal?
  • WHY is it the best goal for you?
  • HOW will you get to your goal?
  • WHEN will each step occur?
  • WHO else will your plan involve?

Knowdell Career Development and Job Search Profile

A compact 1-page framework that allows the client to outline and review all of the elements of the plan at one glance.

Coaching Practice

Participants will work in trios to practice the key coaching questions and developing their own career
strategy plan.

Workshops are Customized for each Location

The JCTC/JCDC certifications are offered in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Each workshop is led by a trained facilitator who understands the local culture and its history.

The local facilitator customizes the segment on the changing nature of the “world of work,” at the beginning of each JCTC/JCDC workshop and again at the conclusion when presenting the section on resumes, interviewing and salary negotiation.

One Workshop – Two Certification Options

Individuals who complete the Career Coach Workshop can now receive both of the following credentials:

DEVELOPMENT COACH This credential is preferred by career practitioners who work internally in organizations and coach employee advancement within that organization.

TRANSITION COACH This credential is preferred by career practitioners and case managers who train and coach job seekers and those seeking a career change.

Continuing Education Hours

The Career Development Network has been training career counselors since 1979 and our programs are approved for continuing education hours for counselors by most states. They are approved for continuing education hours for Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (PCE # 3111).


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