Ahmed Mostafa ElMahalawy

Being the Head of the Assessment Center & Executive Coaching within Abdin Consultancy Group, Ahmed
collaborates closely with big corporations (Siemens, L’zurde, etc.) C-suite Level Executives & top management
board (from CEOs, Project directors to department heads) to enhance their overall performance and improve
their managerial style as well as leadership capabilities.
Over the years, He developed a unique executive coaching style with managers that is based on 3 pillars:
1. Applying global Canadian/US assessments to assess all about the manager’s strengths, areas of
development, stress management level, team working style, leadership style, talents, and all areas of
improvement, where assessments result in accurate non-adjustable reports
2. Customizing a unique coaching/career counselling journey based on the manager’s reports addressing
their capabilities and helping them reach their potential whether in professional or personal domains.
3. Using digital-coaching platforms/tools that are user-friendly for following up after sessions to guarantee
managers’ engagement and achieving KPIs with maximized added value
Regarding Professional Experiences and Job Titles held in Career Development:
• A Career Service Provider who graduated from the Global Career Development Facilitator Program
(GCDF 26) accredited by the leading career development association across the globe – the National
Career Development Association (NCDA) under the supervision of Dr Ahmed Mostafa Kamal (Feb.
• Assessment Practitioner with 6 years of in-depth experience in applying global psychometric and
career assessments with clients (One to One) and inventing algorisms between global assessments
through understanding common backgrounds between each one of them.
• Previous General Manager for a UAE Magazine (HR Revolution the Middle East), Ex. Head Resume
writing department for UAE and Saudi companies (Siratee and ElitesCV) and C-level Resume
Consultant for an Indian Company, who Reviewed more than 28k CVs & resumes worldwide and one
of a few professionals in the MENA region who is an expert in ATS (Applicant tracking systems) &
how to make compatible CVs/Resumes that can beat it.
• Leadership Trainer & Instructional designer who finished the (CPTD) curriculum from (ATD),
having more than 12 professional courses in career development areas and over 5000 training hours
(B2B/B2C) from 2015
• Career Coach with more than 500 clients (B2C), following the school of the International Coaching
Federation (ICF) (from 2016)
Regarding Productivity and Performance Management:

• Ahmed helps managers tackle their productivity problems that lead to overwhelming and reframing their
attitude for favourable unhealthy habits from overworking, overachieving, disengagement, mistakes
philosophy, and work-life imbalance, using 2 of the most effective global tools in the field of
productivity like Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen and Atomic Habits by James Clear.
Merging the GTD concept with atomic habits methodology to make the GTD system compatible with
the psychology of personality style for a person to make it a daily habit that is unconsciously done, and
transfers all of that into the training program and one-to-one coaching for public clients and managers in
big corporations.


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