Ahmed Mostafa Kamal

Ahmed is rapidly becoming the career development leader and expert throughout the Middle East. He is the founder of Career Development in the MENA Region. He began the first career development project in Egypt funded by USAID in 2006. Then he extended his efforts to other countries in the region. Later he worked in other countries in Europe and Asia and worked in the USA and Canada. His main focus as enriching Arab individuals, teams, organizations, and even countries with the required knowledge, materials, tools, and experiences to benefit from a professional career development process—all translated and adapted for the Arab culture.

  • International NCDA CDF Master Trainer, CMCS, CCSP GCDF & CDFI, JCDC, JCTC, MHF
  • International Career Development Advisor
  • National Career Development Association (NCDA) Global Connection Committee (GCC) Co-Chair
  • Co-Founder & Senior Partner – GROWAT Saudi Arabia
  • CRG Sole Licensed Associate in the MENA region (Canada)
  • AM Foundation for career development – Founder
  • Former National Career Development Association Affiliate
  • Former Advisory Board Member, National Board for Certified Counselor (NBCC) International




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