The Assessments Algorism (16 x 1)

The career development process succeeds when it gives the client a whole 360 degree of self-awareness feedback, by addressing the client’s career/personal aspects, which can be summarized into the following elements: personality style, behaviours, attitude, emotions, beliefs, values, fears, needs, desires, matching jobs & careers, skills, values, talents, competences, leadership style, team working style and intelligence type, those elements collectively shape the self-awareness map for a person, Where psychometric and career Assessments are the globally approved method to measure such elements accurately

Assessments have two major problems, firstly, there is no correlation between accredited-assessments results that measure different self-awareness elements.
Secondly, the client has the upper hand in the assessment process, not the service provider, as there is no Common Manual to be referenced to ensure if the client is answering genuinely or not

Building on what previously said, I developed an INNOVATIVE ALGORISM, that takes more than 6 years of R&D, linking the results of 16 globally accredited assessments together, by analyzing only 1 assessment result (Like PSI); the Manual Algorism will generate all the Possible matching results in the other 15 assessments,

Where the Algorism general theory is inspired by 2 main concepts:
First: People is divided into four main domains
Second: most of the psychological-inner factors are developed in the first 12 years & affected by genetical and epigenetic factors


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