Who you are matter: A board game

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Who You Are Matters! Game Play

  1. Participants will analyze and evaluate their life element stories about their Personal Qualities, Strengths, Desires, Other People, Assets and Natural Interests that create awareness useful in the coaching process
  2.  Demonstrate increased ability to show empathy, provide direct affirmative communication, and deliver constructive feedback.
  3.  Create and use their Clarification Sketch to go deeper into their life clarification and intentional exploration

Who You Are Matters! is a highly interactive group intervention of meaningful conversations using the www.onelifetools.com narrative framework. Written takeaways about “what’s next” possibilities include small action steps. Participants connect by storytelling about Personal Qualities, Strengths, Desires, Other People, Assets, and Natural Interests in a structured and safe environment.

The OneLifeTools HEROICg Narrative Assessment System guides individuals through a narrative career & life clarification process rooted in their life story, followed by a guided exploration of their most promising possibilities.
The HEROIC Narrative Assessment System bridges the latest career theory and thinking with a proven framework used successfully with thousands of people from 80+ countries of origin. It is guided by more than 10 other theories and practices.
People’s careers and lives go through cycles of stability and change. The HEROICg Narrative Assessment System helps clients navigate transitions and make clear, confident and wellinformed
choices that lead to better outcomes, and happier and more fulfilling lives.
This program is both a full experience for participants as well as an introduction to narrative assessment.

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  1. Rich Feller

    I hope you’ll join us to play Who You Are Matters…some people call it a 2 day retreat in 2 hours…see http://www.onelifetools.com and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE8U9KOY5c4

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