Understanding Hope and Hopelessness:

we introduce an integrative model of hope that incorporates humanity’s four great needs; attachment, survival, mastery, and spirituality. We also describe multiple assessment tools for hope and hopelessness and a hope-building intervention for youth. The session will focus on Application of Current Research, Theory & Methodology. The Hope centered workshops are ground-breaking an integrative, evidence- based approach to conceptualizing, assessing and building hope that can be used across cultures and spiritual belief systems. Hope-based workshops are the brainchild of Dr. Anthony Scioli an international authority on hope. We collaborated and piloted hope workshops with great success in Asia. Post pandemic we are living in a world of uncertainty, anxiety and chaos it is imperative that as a career development sector we strive to be optimistic for a growing and agile mindset so that our students, teachers, career counsellors and career development sector can cope well when things do not go as planned. The hope workshop is a “whole-brain” approach combining cognitive-behavioural exercises with philosophical reflections and meditative-hypnotic exercises. Five modules used in the hope intervention: two attachment modules, and one each for mastery, survival, and spiritual hope. Dr. Scioli Oxford Book on Hope in the Age of Anxiety (2009). New York: Oxford University Press is a comprehensive resource for any potential hope career development provider. It includes the theoretical, historical, scientific and literary foundations of this workshop.


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