The Importance of Career Transformation for the Less Required Professionals in the light of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia created thousands of new jobs in the last four years and further two million jobs are expected to materialize, as the kingdom looks to develop $1 trillion worth of new projects that are part of its Vision 2030 initiative that aims to diversify the economy away from oil.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks a more sustainable economy, the 2030 vision has led to an increase in the demand for labor in specific sectors that would require the labour force to be qualified to work in it starting from any age. Many influential sectors are topped the list in the goals of the 2030 vision, and accordingly, new professional specializations are on high demand and others are either on low demand or obsolete. Career transformation is a choice for some professionals and mandatory for others. The decision of career change needs a comprehensive evaluation for the many variables related to the person itself and the new career. As a career counselor the evaluation must be done in a professional manner by using the accurate tools and asking the proper questions to smooth the transformation.


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